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Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), you are entitled to a minimum wage of $7.25. For hours worked exceeding 40 hours in a week, you must receive at least one-and-a-half times your regular rate of pay. These laws apply only to jobs, employees, and employers covered by the federal FLSA.

Not all employers follow these strict federal, state, or local regulations, however. Due to unlawful practices, employers may not pay their workers for the appropriate overtime hours they worked. If your employer fails to pay you, Biesecker Dutkanych & Macer, LLC can help you secure your rightful compensation.

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  • Our firm offers case evaluations to all potential clients.
  • Our professionals inform you of every case development from start to finish.
  • Our team is comprised of award-winning legal professionals who are recognized as seasoned and respected litigators.
  • Our attorneys pursue every possible avenue in an attempt to help you secure your rightful wages and any compensation for your losses.
  • Our lawyers have earned a honorable reputation within the professional legal community as well as the local community amongst former and current clients.

Our experienced Louisville employment lawyers have been committed to representing the rights and interests of countless employees throughout the state of Kentucky for more than 50+ years combined. If your rights have been violated or compromised due to an employer's failure to pay your rightful wages, then you must speak with our legal team as soon as possible.

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Biesecker Dutkanych & Macer, LLC: We Know Your Rights as an Employee

As longtime employment law attorneys who have helped employees fight back after unpaid wages and overtime claims, we at Biesecker Dutkanych & Macer, LLC, are ready to help you recover your lost wages. By preparing your case for trial from day one, we can be incredibly thorough during the entire legal process, even if your particular claim is settled without court involvement.

Our firm was founded on the belief that no employee should be stuck in a toxic, hostile, or unsafe work environment. If you have experienced a violation of your rights, then we do everything within our legal power to correct the situation and demand accountability from any liable party. We can advocate aggressively on your behalf.

We Can Address All of Your Questions or Concerns

  • What are my rights? As an employee, you are covered by federal, state, and local laws. Each of these laws covers your right to a certain minimum wage, overtime wage, vacation time, or weekly hours.
  • What kind of compensation am I eligible to receive? If you have been denied your rightful pay, then you have the option of seeking unpaid compensation by filing a claim. You can petition for your lose wages, fringe benefits, or other payment owed to you as an employee.
  • How can I take action against an employer? If you cannot resolve your unpaid wage claim, then you must speak with an attorney as soon as possible. Our lawyers can file an official complaint either in court, in an administrative hearing, or before the state's employment agency.
  • Will an employer retaliate against me if I take action? Employers are prohibited from taking retaliatory action against an employee who has filed a complaint. If any employer tries to retaliate against you for speaking up about your unpaid wages, this is against the law and you may be eligible to take further legal action.

If you want to speak with us confidentially about your rights, we are here to listen. Call Biesecker Dutkanych & Macer, LLC at 502-286-9910 today!

Were you denied your rightful wages or overtime pay? Let us help you seek full compensation for your losses. 

Not being paid for your hard work can have many negative factors. Bringing the topic up to your employer can be stressful, especially if you're afraid of losing your job. Keep in mind it's illegal for your employer to retaliate against you. We can provide you with the resources and information you need to confront your employer and help you receive the money you deserve.

Some reasons that employees do not receive unpaid wages and overtime includes:

  • Miscalculated hours
  • Unavailability of overtime work
  • Manipulation of fluctuating workweek
  • Unpaid travel time
  • Unpaid training
  • Unaccounted "comp" time

When your employer deprives you of wages or overtime payments, you have the right to file a claim under FLSA. Under the law, you are also protected from adverse employment actions, such as being fired or demoted, after your claim is filed.

Don't let an employer take advantage of your rights. Call 502-286-9910  to share your story!

We care about you and your case, and we're committed to helping you get paid for your hard work. Our legal team is equipped to handle large matters, such as unpaid wages and overtime, but small enough to provide you with the personal attention your situation deserves. We want to help you protect your rights as an employee and receive the money due to you. 

Contact Biesecker Dutkanych & Macer, LLC at 502-286-9910 and schedule a case evaluation over the phone. 

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